Kifissia 20 March 2018

Commenting on the announcement of financial statements /

Continues the upward profitable course of the company paperpack SA, according to a published annual financial report for the year 1/1/2017 until 31/12/2017. Particular:

the turnover the company unveiled increase at 2,92% and reached 15.692 mm € versus 15.247 thous.€ of the previous year.

Operating profit (EBITDA) of the company amounted to 2.761 thous.€ against 2.632 thousand € of previous use, showing a rise 4,90%.

The results before taxes presented increase 4,40% and amounted to profits 2.016 thous.€ against 1.931 thous.€.

The earnings after taxes framed in 1.383 mm € versus 1.353 thous.€, showing a rise 2,22%.

The company introduced positive cash flows 1.324 thous. € against 1.713 mm € and the cash the amount to 3.238 thous.€.

The company implements investment plan to modernise the mechanical equipment of EUR 3,5 million Euro approximately. Euros approx.. The bulk of this investment was completed within the use 01/01 – 31/12/2017.

Finally, the Board proposes in its annual report to the ordinary general meeting of shareholders, the dividend amount 0,16 euro

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