Shareholder Obligations

The Company “PAPERPACK SA”, the shares of which are admitted to trading on a regulated market, draws the attention of its shareholders and the investing public at information obligations laid down by the provisions of law 3556/2007 and the related judgment No.. 1/434/3-7-2007 and Circular No.. 33/3-7-2007 HCMC, as well as the penalties provided for by any infringements.

From the 30-6-07, date of entry into force of the law, removed the provisions of proϊschysantos Pd 51/1992 and obligations of persons with regard to the disclosure of major holdings the regulated by articles 9-14 of the law, from articles 4-10 of the decision and paragraph 1 the circular.
In particular, in accordance with this institutional framework, an individual obligation (with the exceptions and exemptions provided for in articles 12 and 13 law respectively) :

  • each shareholder of the company, they acquire or dispose of shares with voting rights, or becomes a shareholder for the first time, in accordance with article 9 of the law
  • each person, natural or legal, shareholder or non-, entitled to acquire, has or shall exercise voting rights, in accordance with subparagraphs (a)) to (i)) Article 10 of the law
  • each person, natural or legal, who acquires or disposes directly or indirectly via third, financial instruments, in accordance with article 11 of the law

and as a result of the acquisition or disposal or of the exercise of these, the proportion of voting rights he holds or exercises, arrives, exceed or fall of confines of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 1/3, 50% and 2/3 of the total voting rights of the company or,

where he holds a percentage voting rights (According to the above-mentioned articles 9, 10 and 11), larger than 10%, in every case that occurs change equal to or greater than 3% of the total voting rights of the company,

to inform both the Company and the Securities and Exchange Commission, as soon as possible and, in each case, not later than (3) three days negotiation (in accordance with the calendar of trading days, as determined by each regulated market situated or operating in Greece), the first of which is the day after the date on which it was informed, or should have informed the acquisition or disposal or possibility of exercising voting rights, or updated on corporate events that alter the allocation of voting rights.

For the calculation of the above limits, the company has already disclose the amount of the share capital and the total number of voting rights by 24-9-07 its communication, which is posted in its website, as well as on the website of the Athens Exchange

The information must include the following information:

  1. the proportion of voting rights held as a result of the acquisition or disposal
  2. the chain of controlled undertakings through which held on voting rights stuff, if this is the case
  3. the date on which the percentage of voting rights reached, exceeded or dropped the above limits
  4. the identity of the shareholder, even if he is not entitled to exercise voting rights, as defined in article 10, and the person entitled to exercise voting rights on behalf of such shareholder

The update will take place with the simultaneous submission of the hanging on the company website and HCMC form TR1 notification, legally signed by the obligor or other person legally authorized and if the obligor is a legal person, by the legal representative, submitting and related statutory documents, and valid until revocation them henceforth. The form must be accompanied by Annex supplemented by the parties liable with their personal information and shall be submitted only in HCMC. By supplementing Annex, it is recommended that you mentioned and the middle name of debtor.

The correct completion of the form of notification is an obligation of Aknowledgements, which are responsible for any errors and omissions.

The notification form TR1 submitted:

  • in the main Protocol of HCMC, Kolokotroni 1 and Stadiou, 105 62 Athens, at Public Records and Supervision in listed companies, the Department of supervision and monitoring of Behavior of listed companies, with the words "notification of major changes to voting rights in accordance with the law No. 3356/2007». The submission is sent by fax: 210-3377243. In this case the form must be accompanied by consignment sheet, which should contain the sender's details, the signature of the sender, the contact number and the number of pages forwarded. Finally, the person liable must ensure that documents are sent successfully and received by the competent Protocol Department.

In case of infringement of the aforementioned obligations, Article 26 according to law 3556/2007 provides for the possibility of imposing a reprimand or fine tune up 1.000.000 The Securities and Exchange Commission, which is the competent authority for the supervision of information obligations. In its website posted : the law 3556/2007, decision No.. 1/434/3-7-2007,the interpretative circular No.. 33/3-7-2007, the major changes notification form TR1, the notification form TR2 (submitted by expert negotiators) and the calendar of trading days for the year 2007.

Facilitating and informing our shareholders, hanging below the above-mentioned institutional framework with the relevant forms PDF file: