Quality in PaperPack

is a culture of all staff.
It is the cornerstone of every
process and due to this the independent quality control department
with a strong presence in the entire production and non-production flow,
ensures continuously the integrity of the product produced.

Quality controls begin long before a product is produced.
Indicative checks are:

  • Check of new materials for use
  • Incoming raw materials inspection and release
  • Technical specifications inspection, file processing and internal technical information
  • Control of production and measurement components
  • Suitability check of raw materials, machinery and surrounding for production of specific
    applications - HACCP team (eg food packaging)
  • Quality control of printing / cutting / gluing / other
    treatments with continuous presence in all shifts
  • Final product control, certificate issuance and release

The well-equipped laboratory

of the quality control department with complete infrastructure and staff
training operates under ISO measurement standards, in order the measurements
are reliable and repeatable. It operates in all production shifts by performing
checks on the start of production and / or during production to ensure the production

Indicative parameters measured and controlled are:

For specialized chemical analyzes we cooperate

only with accredited measurement laboratories in Greece
and abroad.

The release control methodology for each batch
of production is strictly
in line with the standards of the globally recognized
ISO2859 standard.
At the same time each delivery is accompanied by the corresponding
quality control certificate.

  • Weight per square meter / thickness / quality of coating / color / brightness / hardness etc of cardboard
  • Viscosity of materials to be produced
  • Color Measurement (ΔΕ2000 (2,1,1) Lab), Color Density, Dot gain
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Friction factors
  • Surface tension
  • Moisture content
  • Finishing gloss
  • Heat sealing capability
  • Crease force
  • Stacking Box Strength (BCT)