This is where the customers demand

is transformed into an industrial plan. The design team is made up of experienced industrial designers who
are deeply aware of Paperpack's productive capabilities.


The industrial design department starts from the customer's individual need for a new packaging or redesign
of an existing one. In sales communication we analyze the needs of the customer, discuss our ideas and
receive the necessary information to make suggestions.

Industrial Design

Combining our experience
and creativity, we present
solutions to ensure a unique design
with optimal functionality, according to
Paperpack's productive capabilities.


The suggestions are presented in Mock-ups and 3D videos

The suggestions are presented in Mock-ups and 3D videos in order
to faithfully simulate the final product. In this way, the customer
understands both the general picture of the product and the details of it.

The experienced industrial design team has specialized
packaging design programs that optimize the process with automation
and intelligent tools, to ensure that the product
is properly designed combined with productivity.

In addition, for the sample production, the department has digital cutting
tables with appropriate tools covering a wide range of materials.