The prepress department is one of the most important

production stages of the company, as it links the visual
approach of a package to the final product.

At this stage, the technical specifications of the final product,
which absolutely bind their production, are determined.

Taking into account all the technical parameters of the file
received, the experienced personnel of the department,
using specialized packaging processing programs, intervenes
accordingly in order to apply the necessary technical
specifications of printing, with the minimum change of the
artwork (separations, trapping, color management, barcodes


Using 3D software, the artworks

are displayed in 3D image, movie and virtual simulators.
This communication tool helps in viewing of the final product
and can also be used as a control tool when editing a file.



Following the above process, a certified digital proof is printed
for color approval, combining a calibrated proofing program with
specialized printers.

Once all the technical specifications have been determined,

it is necessary to create the final development (S&R), which
is promoted electronically in the workflow rip program.

The process is completed by creating printing plates in
automatic CTP systems with minimal or zero chemical use.

In order to ensure the correct outcome and the perfect completion
of the work, the department consists of the following stages:

  • Artwork reception and analysis
  • Artwork processing
  • Quality control
  • Color management
  • Printing certified proof
  • Step & Repeat
  • Plate Production