The continuous request of new materials

and technologies and the mapping of global trends of
packaging industry maintain Paperpack at the highest
level of expertise having top quality production equipment.


The main objective of R&D is the creation of novel carton packaging
solutions with:

  • Optimization of visual perception
  • Improvement of functionality
  • Reduction of cost
  • Reduction of environmental footprint

R&D department in close cooperation with Sales

Customer Service and Quality Assurance departments meet the needs and solves the problems of customers.
It is supported by innovating companies-suppliers and universities.

In printing process, the interaction of packaging materials with inks, varnishes and printing methods is studied.
Seizing customer’s attention and satisfying important technical parameters like light resistance, coefficient of
friction, heat seal strength, resistances in chemicals, OTR etc. are achieved.

Packaging materials (carton, PP, PET, Al) are studied regarding their mechanical and physical properties in order
to provide the right solution with or without their combination.

R&D lab have all suitable instruments like spectrophotometers, densitometers, gloss meter, heat seal tester,
rub tester, compression tester, crease and board stiffness tester, friction tester, precision thickness gauge,
weighting scales.