Kifisia 19/03/2020

TOPIC: Update of Financial Calendar 2020

PAPERPACK SA, pursuant to the provisions of section of the Athens Stock Exchange, informs the investing public that due to Covid-19 and the prevailing conditions, the 2020 financial calendar is updated as follows:

a) The Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the Company's Shareholders will be held on Wednesday May 27 2020.

b) Management's proposal to the Annual Ordinary General Meeting will be to distribute a dividend.

c) The Dividend Cut Date will be Thursday 04/06/2020.

d) The beneficiaries will be the shareholders of Friday 05/06/2020 (record date).

e) The Dividend Payment Date will be Thursday 11/06/2020.

The Company reserves the right to change the above dates after informing the investing public in a timely manner by modifying this.


Download here the pdf